Luxembourg is a small country in Western Europe which is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France.  The official languages of the country are Luxembourgish, German and French.  With the highest GDP of any country in the world, Luxembourgers enjoy a high quality of life in the country’s lush forests and mountainous regions.  Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, with only 2,586 square miles of land.  The variety of its landscapes is one of Luxembourg’s greatest attractions. The country is divided into two main regions : Oesling in the north and Guttland, comprising the Moselle valley in the east and the mineral basin in the south. Luxembourg counts 502,066 inhabitants, including 215,550 foreign residents representing 42.9% of the total population.

Crossover Prep Luxembourg Program

Crossover Prep has partnered with the Luxembourg Basketball Academy to delivery a first class and unique dual program, where international post graduate athletes in Europe can have the chance to join LBBA for 3 months to prepare before departing to Atlanta for another 3 months.  At LBBA, athletes will have the chance to train with one of the top U20 EYBL teams in Europe, while getting advanced conditioning and skill training.
The Academy is established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which is located in the heart of Western Europe. An ideal location as the country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, three top countries for western basketball.

Luxembourg Program – LBBA/Crossover Prep
3 Month Program (International)

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