The Crossover ASA Prep was borne out of the collective experiences of our staff and the identified opportunities for student-athletes who need extra time or development after high school. Our postgraduate program is headed by experienced staff, all of whom have played basketball either collegiately or professionally. Crossover ASA Prep has established strategic partnerships abroad to extend the opportunity to international student athletes as well. We currently offer 3 program options for Postgraduate participants. All programs include daily practice and training in high quality facilities under professional direction.

6 Month US Program

Our 6 month postgraduate program starts in October and runs through April. This program is geared to give domestic and international students maximum exposure and participants can expect a 30-40 game schedule. Players will train daily with Crossover ASA Prep’s coaches and have the opportunity to learn more about Atlanta and the US with this extended stay. It is also geared towards domestic student athletes who are looking for the right place to get exposure for NCAA, NAIA, JUCO, etc.

6 Month Dual Program

Crossover ASA Prep’s partnership with Luxembourg Basketball Academy has spawned a unique and dynamic program, allowing players to spend 3 months in Luxembourg from September through December and then come to Atlanta, GA to finish the program from January through March. This program is geared for preparing European players to train at LBBA in preparation to join US competition. It offers a varied experience and participants will get 20-30 games in the US.

3 Month US Program

We understand that everyone can’t afford the rising costs of quality basketball programs, so we have created a shortened version of our program to go for 3 months in Atlanta. This program is open to both domestic and international students and offers many of the benefits of our longer programs.

2 Week US Program

Our 2 week blast is specifically tailored for our international clients who don’t necessarily have the time or right situation to stay in the US for 3 or 6 months, but who still need the opportunity for exposure.  The Crossover Prep 2 Week Program gives participants the chance to play in a minimum of 6-8 games in peak season, including juco jamborees and events.